Industrial Firefighters

Prevention & Management Fire

In today’s business environment, with a focus on just-in-time manufacturing and reduced inventory, companies cannot allow themselves to be subject to even the smallest of factory fires. Regardless of the nature of your operations or the type of building you have, ECS Canada has the expertise needed to advise you on the best means of detection and extinction, but above all, on the prevention of factory fires.

ECS Canada is proud to have on its team a professional with more than 33 years of experience in fire prevention and intervention brigades in an industrial setting. Our advisors can help you achieve the best industry practices. As a high-level firm, you want to ensure a constant supply chain. To that end, we also offer a fire safety audit for your key suppliers. To that end, we also offer a fire safety audit for your key suppliers.

If your company is in full control and only wants temporary support, we offer the following services:

  • Critical risk audit at your facilities as well as those of your suppliers
  • Fire prevention and management audit at your facilities as well as those of your suppliers
  • Hot work monitoring
  • Surveillance of workers in confined spaces
  • Onsite emergency intervention team during major planned shutdowns

Fire Brigade

Risk management is as important an element as production issues for all companies. Employee health and safety, fire hazards, community relations, and ultimately, the company’s image in an interconnected world are the keys to success or failure.

Since zero risk does not exist, it is imperative for companies to identify and address each of these risks in order to be prepared for any eventuality. With this in mind, our team of specialized professionals is ready to handle all aspects related to critical risks. As experts in industry best practices, ECS Canada team members are prepared to create a program that will enable you to handle emergencies and continue operations.


We are able to handle every aspect of the program and accompany you during its implementation.

  • Identification of present critical risks;
  • Their impact on employees, clients, communities, finances, and your reputation;
  • The ability to respond to an emergency with both internal and external brigades;
  • Identification of alternatives that will enable activities to continue as soon as possible;
  • Creation of a crisis management cell that will efficiently handle these types of situations;
  • Training of management teams.

If you believe you have everything under control, allow us to prepare a simple tabletop exercise for your managers.

Other services

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