Investigations &
specialized services


Our experienced investigators have had careers with some of Canada’s finest police forces. Our Operations Managers and Regional Directors have many years of experience in the control and supervision of investigations. These professionals have managed numerous sensitive files in the private and public sectors.

Their solid expertise guarantees professionalism, discretion and satisfaction. Thanks to its vast network, ECS Canada is able to offer companies and individuals a worldwide service. ECS Canada offers you a wide range of tools to solve the problems you face. At ECS Canada, you benefit from strategic advice that gives you the edge. We assess the problem situation and propose a targeted, personalized intervention plan adapted to your business model.

Since the integration of the legislative provisions relating to psychological harassment in the law on labor standards, several employers have adopted internal policies. The application of these policies raises several questions. ECS Canada is also the reference in investigations and specialized services in matters of psychological and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Services spécialisés et juridiques

Specialized & Legal Services

ECS Canada’s team includes a lawyer with over 35 years of experience in criminal and penal law as a Crown prosecutor. Her mandate is to advise our clients and to ensure the legal compliance of the reports transmitted to them. Her expertise and knowledge allows her to guide our clients on the steps to take and to inform them of the legal qualification of the situation they are facing.

Since there is a fine line between workplace harassment and criminal harassment, ECS Canada will be able to provide you with information and guidance on the solutions available to you.

How do you behave with an employee who is suspected of internal theft or fraud?

What steps must be taken with regard to an employee who is suspected of drug trafficking?

ECS Canada will guide you through any legal constraints in order to prevent your exposure to eventual legal liability.

Other services

ECS Canada possède une solide expertise dans la sécurité des transports, le suivi et le repérage en temps réel. 

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Notre équipe est spécialisée en planification de mesures d’urgence, en sécurité événementielle et en gestion de crises.

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ECS Canada propose deux types de solutions en surveillance à distance : interne et externe. 

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In today’s business environment, with a focus on just-in-time manufacturing and reduced inventory, companies cannot allow themselves to be subject to even the smallest of factory fires.

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Risk management is as important an element as production issues for all companies.

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Our team of intelligence analysts identifies, collects, and analyzes all relevant information of interest to our clients.

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All employers want to recruit and retain the best candidates in their field.

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